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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails...

So, this morning, little Jacob comes running in to me while I am in the other room and tells me I need to take a picture (with a big grin). I ask him what I need to take a picture of and he tells me ,"My mess!" I think, "Oh great! What'd he do this time?" So I go to the kitchen table where he was eating breakfast and there is a puddle of dumped out cereal and pieces of watermelon that have been squeezed to death so that juice is running over the end of the table! Again he requests that I take a picture and I tell him the I most definitely will not because I do not want to encourage him. Then, as I am washing him off at the sink, he begins demanding that I use the sprayer to wash him off!

Yesterday, I was sweeping off the porch and Jacob was running around the front yard. I am absorbed in my thoughts when I hear my neighbor calling my name. As I look up, and she is pointing to Jacob who is standing in the driveway with pants down and peeing right in the open. She was laughing so hard and thought it was hilarious.

After watching a "Sesame Street" episode about pets and how much love pets need, Jacob finds an ant in our kitchen which he declares is his pet. So, he picks it up and puts it in a bowl which he then carries around with him everywhere he goes, all the while declaring that it's his baby and he loves it soooooooo much! After a little while, he decides to let the ant go for a swim in daddy's drink which is sitting out on the table. The ant drowns, daddy pours it out while explaining to Jacob that ants can't go swimming, Jacob starts bawling, "My baby is gone. I loved him so much!" Of course there's no shortage of ants around our house so he has had plenty to play with since. As the matter of fact, quite often while I am in my room getting dressed he will come to me with his fingers pinched to show me a new ant he has caught.

I love having a little boy! There are no dull moments, that's for sure!